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Thank You for an amazing 2018


I would take this opportunity to share with you a few things that O’Connor Chrysler was able to accomplish this year thanks to people like you shopping locally.

None of us are strangers to hardships in life. Circumstances happen that forever change our lives yet sometimes we get the opportunity to make a difference and help those around us. 

 It all started in June of 2018 when O’Connor Chrysler began the Drive for 65. A push to where we ended up with a donation amount of $6500 to the BC Cancer foundation. Cancer effects all of us in some way or another and we thought it was so important to give back to this great cause!

 In July we held our 1st Annual O’Connor Car show which we had over 90 unique vehicles and over 500 people attended and more importantly it got the community together and helped us to raise a $1000 for the local Cyrus Center who are dedicated to helping vulnerable and homeless youth within the community.

 In September we were able to raise $2000 for the Chilliwack Starfish Pack Program which  provides a backpack filled with food for the weekend. These backpacks go to children in need to take home on Fridays after school. (Approximately 600 local children come to school hungry Monday mornings)

 December 21st, we went a step further and we were able to donate $10,000 to the Chilliwack Children's Foundation. The Chilliwack Children’s Foundation is a group based here in our community to support children in need with access to any educational, medical, cultural or recreational service or program that,for economic reasons, the family or support system cannot afford.This is something we are extremely passionate about!

 We also where able to give away another $10,000 that was split among 3 separate families just in time for Christmas!

 All of these are proud moments here at O’Connor Chrysler and could only be made possible by all of you who supported us. 


Again, our thanks for your continued support and look for greater things to come in 2019 when we rally together with your continued support.

 Best regards and all the best in the new year.

Carson Grant and everyone at O'Connor Chrysler